How are Infant Life Jackets Different than Adult Life Jackets?

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Adult life-jackets cannot be worn comfortably by kids, and this is why manufacturers have decided in producing infant jackets for kids.  Parents should understand the differences in between adult and infant life-jackets; otherwise, they might get confused at the time of choosing the best jacket for their kids.

You should now look for only those brands that are in the manufacturing of infant life-jackets. Not all brands made these jackets, and thus you should do a detailed research online. Certain safety rules need to be kept in mind for getting the best life-jackets for kids. Kids should always wear these jackets especially at the time of practicing swimming.

Primary points to be considered:

  • Safety: Safety is a great concern for kids. Since kids are too small and delicate, therefore, they are in need of higher protection from water. Thus, some additional safety features have been added for making the infant life-jackets much more improved and sophisticated. The jackets should be equipped with coast-guard so that drowning situation can be easily prevented. On the other hand, USCG-certified features are being added for increasing the safety-level of kids’ life-jackets. Therefore, parents should carefully choose the best jacket type keeping the age and requirement of their kids in mind. In most of the cases, water activities and water condition are the two most important factors that decide the best kids’ life-jackets.
  • Size and weight: The jackets should be lighter in weight so that they can be easily tackled by kids without involving any dangers. In most of the cases, small and compact jackets are chosen as the best options for kids of all ages. In fact, portable-sized jackets are now getting manufactured for kids’ usage only. Bulky and heavy-weight jackets are usually getting created for adults. On the other hand, adult-jackets will be comparatively larger as adults will not get fitted within smaller ones. The jackets should be capable of taking the weights of the kids in case they get conscious in fear especially during the initial phase of swimming.
  • Style: Parents usually choose a hybrid, inflatable and inherently buoyant life-jackets for their kids’ safety and comfort. Any of these styles can be used for kids’ jackets.
  • Fitting: Adults can use either strapped or unstrapped jackets, but kids will always use only strapped ones so that highest protection can be ensured. Unfitted jackets can decrease your child’s confidence to a great extent, and thus parents are advised choosing only extremely fitted and highly protected jackets. The jackets should undergo a proper fitting test.

Life-jackets for infants are now becoming more stylish than ever. Different cartoon images are being added for enhancing the overall beautification of these jackets. Make sure you take your kids only at calm-waters so that they do not face enhanced the chance of getting drowned. The above factors are pretty important, and you should maintain them on a sincere note to get high-quality life-jackets for kids.

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