Does My Infant Life Jacket Need Head Support?

Life Jacket Safety

Summer is no fun without water activities. We all nod our heads on this; but keeping it safe while out in the water especially with an infant is a must – not an option. Drowning is said to be the leading cause of death in kids below 5 years of age in the summer of 2014 wherein data shows 112 children to have drowned in the pool.

Safety Comes First For Infants And Small Kids On Water

There are state laws that ought to be followed especially when bringing kids into the water or aboard a moving boat. Regardless of any law, you must always go with your instinct as parents and keep your kids especially infants in PFDs (Personal Floatation Devices) or life jackets and make sure that you get one that fits them right or else it would be useless. Be aware of the risk of not keeping your infant in a flotation device. 

Type II Life Jackets For Infants

There are three types of life vests but PFDs for infants and babies are under type II which is ideal for infants who cannot upright themselves in the open water and also for people who are rendered unconscious. Described to be the “classic” life vest, this is relatively less expensive as compared to the type I vests which are also bulkier. This type is also specifically designed for those who are close at land. The type III vest is most comfortable but is not fit for use by small kids and babies.

When shopping for an infant life vest, always go for buying new ones. Never use old or infant life jackets that are hand-me-downs because it is unsafe to do so. Life jackets actually have an expiration date and they get brittle and non-functional after long-term use. It isn’t that expensive anyway so it’s advisable to just purchase a new one especially if it warrants the safety of your baby.

Infant Life Jackets With Head Support

Many parents are now looking for infant life jackets that provide head support. Common sense and parental instinct would tell you that this isn’t just fad but a requirement for water safety. Here are some of the criteria or safety features that you should check out when shopping for infant life vests:

  • Approved and tested safe – Should have the United States Coast Guard Seal of Approval
  • Head Support/Flotation Collar – Helps ensure infant’s head is above water and face is tilted up for proper head support.
  • Grab Loop – Rescuers or adults can easily grab into this and get the baby or kids safely out of the water.
  • Crotch Strap – This keeps the PFDs tight and well-fitted into their bodies.


Infant life jackets must fit well and should be tested first into a pool to ensure that it keeps your infant safe even in the water. It is a must for infant life jackets to have excellent head support because unlike adults or older kids, infants or very small babies cannot keep their heads above water and are therefore more at risk of drowning. It is best to opt for life vest with full collars. Added security features are life jackets with bright colors for high visibility. Check too on the fastenings and make sure everything is secure or well in place.

Yes, summer shouldn’t be dull at all. Go out and have a blast with tons of water activities to choose from; just be sure to have your kids and babies in the proper life jackets with a head support. This will keep your little ones safe and you feeling more confident and secure while out on a summer escapade. Be responsible and keep the fun going with a life jacket that can save your baby’s life when you least expect it.

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