When The Infant Life Jacket Is A Must-Have

infant life vest

The most comprehensive Federal regulation only covers the wearing of children’s life jackets during boating sessions. In the absence of any state regulation on babies needing to wear the infant life jacket, all children below 13 should be wearing one. They may only leave them off if they are below deck or within an enclosed cabin. […]

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Choosing The Right Infant Life Jacket Color


Like with anything else concerning the choice of your baby’s infant life jacket, safety comes first; everything else comes after. This principle holds even when choosing the color of the life vest. It is well that there is a flotation collar, to support the baby’s head; there should be a crotch strap, to snugly fit the […]

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The Unfortunate Truth About Children And Infants Drowning

infant life jacket reviews

Decisions for safety and security walk the thin line between rationality and paranoia. After all, with a healthy enough imagination, we could start locking our closets at night so the monsters won’t get out. When it comes to our infants’ safety in water, are we being rational or paranoid? Is getting an infant life jacket […]

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